Oriental dance

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Raks Sharki

Queen of Orient–purple costume This costume was designed for dancer and teacher Lanka Zychová – Badriyah who wanted distinctive professional costume with which she could participate in prestigious competition in Los Angeles where she won third prize later. Fundamental for this costume is purple fabric lamé, special aplications with Preciossa stones, sequins, beads and 27 metres of strass band. Original wrist decoration, hair decoration and headband belong to the costume and it is completed with purple veil with metal shine.

Red-black costume Base of the costume was adjusted to the needs of Badriyah. Combination of red and black lace with shiny orange lining created energetic atmosphere of whole costume. Beads with AB effect are situated on bra, skirt and gloves. Swarowski stones complete the whole appearance. Red-blue flower costume Assignment was to create a costume for final of dance competition. This costume is made up from shiny elastic sateen in red colour which has flower embroideries in blue colour and done by sewing machine Bernina on its surface. Initially, it was decorated only by few flowers but for bigger richness whole bunch of flowers was added afterwards. In order to heighten the movement, beads were used at the back side of skirt. Silky flower costume The costume with silky flowery fabric highlights elegance of the dancer. Original neckband made of various beads goes down following the backbone and around ribs to the front side of bra where it ends as flower application in the middle of bra. In order to counterbalance flowery fabric we added single-coloured chiffon with application that highlights dancer’s movements. White swann Raushanah, dancer from Brno, was performing on Let’s Dance competition as “white swann” in oriental version. For this occasion we created new costume with application made of white lace and with delicate flesh-coloured fabric on upper part and leg decorated with beads, sequins and Presiossa stones. The “swann” appearance is completed by richly decorated bra with feathers. Tulip-shaped skirt is lightened by tulle and chiffon. Group costumes for Dalal as-Sabah These costumes were designed for group Dalal as-Sabah that won first prize on Let’s Dance international competition with them. Special wings with closing to the skirt at waist were sewn for these costumes. Drops in the sea Dancer wanted unconventional design of bra and belt. Variously-sized drops were created according to paper template and placed in several layers of different fabric that overlapped each other. All of them are decorated with stones, strass, sequins and beads in sea colours. Costume is completed with veil and arm decoration. Black-pink costume The skirt was inspired by Russian dancer. 16 metres of black-pink chiffon were used for half-circle skirts to make them seem to be very rich. Distinctive lace covering whole leg, part of belly and bra was decorated with stones and beads. Bolero and black veil belong to the costume. The sand of desert Oriental awakening Floweres of bead Dubai princess The Queen of 7  heaven The dark blu rose The beads alley Golden age-Casino opera Pastel illusion Blooming roses The princess of daybreak Green snake Pink tear drops Happiness of Sultan Sultan Camel Fairy Elf Blue dream The cat woman Swarovski flake of snow Polar blaze The Sunflower  Glittering red and violet Costume The creamy masterpiece The Flamingo The First Republic Graceful Calla Feme Fatale



Velvet Blue Oriental costume made of dark blue velvet is decorated with sequins, Swarowski stones and beads. There was used 3D technique at sequin embroidery and so sequins and beads rise above the whole decoration. Due to dancer’s request, ornament with chiffon was created on right hip. Same material was used for the veil. Dancer’s belly is decorated by strip with leaf motif that leads to the flower situated on the bra.

Caress of tulle The mystic garden


Tribal costume Important part of tribal style is outstanding costume with the scent of eeriness. This one is made up of two layers of trousers – lower red sateen is overlapped by black tulle that softens the colour. Patterns are printed on the middle part. First part of bra is crochet and second one, more decorated, is also covered with black tulle. Neck and waist accessories were bought at oriental bazaar.

Hip hop belly fusion