About me


In 2003, I got a job opportunity that led me directly to the Orient. I was participating on opening of new shop with oriental goods in Brno. Oriental costumes charmed me so much that I started to actively educate myself in belly dance.

My biggest life experience was 2-years-long stay in Boston (USA) where I had opportunity to work and gain experiences as a dancer in several Arabian restaurants.

When I came back from USA to Czech Republic, I started to think about my own designs and creation of oriental costumes because at that time, it was almost impossible to find good costume supplier in Czech.

I abandoned bellydance and my career as dancer for a while due to family affairs and thanks to costumes I made in that time I got known and dancers were interested in my costumes. Turning point in my career was attendance in Miss Orient competition final.

Since then I have focused fully on design and production of oriental costumes for dancers-beginners as well as professionals in the field.